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A note from a friend...
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Things to remember

A note from a friend...

This arrived from a friend in the doctoral program with me.  I really needed inspiration to finish this last quarter.  
This really helped.  Hope you find something good here too.

Thoughts from Dr. Seuss

I just love the wit and wisdom of Dr. Seuss.  This one just really hit me recently because it reminds me of how so many of us go through our lives in worry of what others think.  Growing up in the deep South, I was painfully aware of what was expected of me.  It seems that I spent much of my time and energy as I grew up through junior high, high school and college consumed with the opinion of others.  Looking back I see how senseless that was.
I had learned the skills for saying what I was thinking and feeling, usually with a twist of sarcasm.
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