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Very excited today to be adding a new area to my website.  I have posted on a personal blog off and on for years, but never one for my professional thoughts and plans!  
I'm hoping that if any of you read this, it will help you to determine that seeking counseling can be one of the best decisions you ever make.  If there is conflict or problems in your life, it is time to find help!  If I am not the right fit for someone, I will be happy to help them find a counselor that is.  
This photo that I ran across today reminds me of the sunshine and beautiful beaches of California.  We had the opportunity to drive up the coast in October as a part of our celebration of 20 years of marriage.  There's just something about scenes such as this, with the sounds of waves crashing in to shore, that brings many of us comfort and thoughts of relaxation.  I hope to be adding some links in the upcoming days to this blog and website to help you find new and better ways to live your best life!  
Looking forward to hearing from you!
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